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I believe family is one of life's greatest gifts. Here at shayleigh photography I am truly honored to capture your growing family's story. Professional portraits are more then just a photo, they capture the moments in time you can never get back. What it felt like to carry your baby for 9 months, to feel them kick and hiccup inside you. Those first 24 hours that you welcome your baby into the world or introducing your baby to their big brother or sister. All the details of their tiny toes, lips, ears, their little smirks and sweet cries. The first time they crawl, stand, walk, get another year older. And as they grow the unending love you feel for them and each other. When these images hang on the walls of your home it will bring back to life those unforgettable moments. My dream is that when you walk by them each day, you will be taken back in time and feel "all the feels", joy, love, laughter and happy tears. And I can promise you as the days pass and your little one grows (oh so quickly) you will find more and more value in these treasured works of art. Because you, your little one and your family are your ART. An investment that is so worth it, you'll wonder how anyone could ever do without it. 

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"Shaina is, in my opinion, is hands down the best newborn photographer in this area.
Watching her work is mesmerizing! She is not only talented, but extremely educated in her field;
after seeing her handle my son for just minutes, I trusted her with him."

-Leeann Rinck