Providing professional maternity, newborn, baby and family photography to the Southern New Jersey and Greater Philadelphia area

Hi, I'm Shaina! An award-winning professional newborn photographer since 2012. Professional family portraits are more than just a photo, they capture the moments in time you can never get back. I believein capturing the unique story of parenthood. What it felt like to grow your baby, all the details of them in those first days of life, the first time they sit-up, crawl, walk and get another year older. Taking these moments that need to be captured and turning them into art, so they are remembered for generations to come. I promise as the days pass and your little one grows (oh so quickly) you will find even more value in the investment of these timeless works of art. 

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"Shaina is, in my opinion, is hands down the best newborn photographer in this area.
Watching her work is mesmerizing! She is not only talented, but extremely educated in her field;
after seeing her handle my son for just minutes, I trusted her with him."

-Leeann Rinck