The Details

The Investment

{sessions do not include prints + products} 


• consultation/studio tour
• full 2-3 hour session in studio
• parent/sibling shots
• reveal session


maternity | baby

• consultation/studio tour
• maternity session
OR baby (3 months -1 year)
• reveal session 



• phone consultation
• 1-1 1/2 hour session 
• outdoor location or studio
• reveal session


What to Expect


for expecting momma's I always suggest booking your newborn session while you are still pregnant. My schedule can book up rather quickly so getting a spot on the calander is highly reccomended. Once you book, I offer parents to come tour the studio if they would like. You can see the space, our safety and cleanliness procedures and my array of props. If you are doing a maternity session as well you can take a look through my dresses to see if you would like to use them. You can also view all of my art pieces, framed prints, canvas', albums, torn edge prints, albums and wood blocks. 

for families Part of the reason I think family's choose not to get portraits done is because of the stress involved. But here at Shayleigh Photography I walk you through every step! Once booked in, we set up a phone or in person consultation before the shoot to chat about outfit choices. I have pinterest boards that I send to you to look through. A welcome packet filled with tips and ideas to choose the best outfits. You are also free to email me back and forth with ideas and otpions so I can help you. I make sure your all set so that the day of the shoot is relaxed, fun and most importantly stress free and FUN! 


newborns + babies: Sessions take place at the studio in linwood nj. I do offer in home sessions if you live more then 40 miles away {up to 90 miles} for an additional travel fee. I will work through many different poses in the 2-3 hour time. Each baby is different, some babies will do every single pose while others don't care for certain ones. I make sure baby is safe + comfortable in every pose. My amazing assistant {leeann} is extra hands on to make sure baby is secure in each shot we get. The room is kept very warm so that baby is comfortable. Coffee + snacks are provided for parents and toys + books for siblings. My biggest goal is that you leave feeling welcomed, loved and relaxed. 

for families: You're family means the world to you + I want to make sure that shows in your images. If you look through the family gallery you will notice that there are lots of laughs, hugs + kisses, running around, playing in the ocean. During my sessions I let you you! Each family is different so each session is differnt but one thing is always the same, we have FUN. I still get beauiful shots of everyone looking + smiling but I can tell you that most time it's the candid's that end up being the favorite! So dont stress, take a deep breath, contact me + we will make this happen! 


This is where the real fun begins! Your reveal session {about 3 weeks after session date} is where you finally get to see the beautiful finished images. Each image is hand edited and ready to be hanging on your walls or put into an album. But don't worry I'm here to help you choose! We book an appointment for you to come back into the studio, and I treat you to your favorite sweets or some wine {sparkling for nursing mommas} + snacks and we look through all of your images. I help you pick what pieces of art would look best in your home. I have all the different options right in the studio for you to look at. Framed prints, canvas', albums, and wooden blocks. You are more then welcome to bring along photos of certain rooms/areas in your home so that I can specifially help you choose what and where to put your art. We can also choose announcments, loose prints, digitals and anything else you may be interested in. The session is laid back, exciting + fun, with happy tears + a truly enjoyable time for you. There is no pressure, you know upfront the process, pricing + packages. Grandparents are always welcome to join in. Framed prints, canvas', wood blocks and albums usually take about 3 weeks to arrive and I hand deliver them to your door. I'm just as excited as you are for you to see it!

The Reveal session Process

This is the BEST part of our time together! About 3 weeks after your session we will set up a REVEAL NIGHT. You get to come into the studio (or I can come to you) I will treat you to your favoite sweets from a local bakery or we can do wine (sparkling for nursing momma's) + cheese. I will show you a beautiful custom slide show of your edited images. After we gush over how gorgeous you, your baby and your family are, I will help you with ordering. You can choose from the 3 Collections, which gives you the biggest ban for your buck AND 20% off a la carte products! 

Use the CONTACT FORM to get more information and to inquire about my welcome packet with a full list of collections and a la carte pricing.


why art?

You may be asking yourself, but what if I don't want any art? Why can't I just purchase digitals and not come in for a reveal session?

And here's the reason, I care about you as my client and I care about my work and the effort I put in to create beautiful timeless images for you to treasure forever. 

Let me ask you this. When is the last time you printed a cell phone photo? Most likely a long time, if ever. When I was strickly a "digital file photographer" I found that most of my client's images were staying on a USB, but whats the point? What about when USB's aren't even a thing anymore... like VHS, you can't watch them anymore unless you get them converted. What about even CD's? Most newer laptops and desktops don't even have the slot anymore. Or what if that USB gets corrupted in 20 years? Once they are off that USB they are gone, forever. I completely, 110% understand that parents want the digitals to keep forever and have them so that they can print freely, I would too! So thats why I still offer them, but I want you to go home with a work of art too!

I remember walking into a clients home for an in home session and as soon as I entered I saw framed print's and canvas' of thier previous session's with me that filled the home and I instantly started to tear up! It wasn't so much that it was my work on their walls but that these works of art are going to fill their home forever, and that brought my heart so much joy. 

Did you know it's proven that printed art positively effects your children? 

Did you ever think about how when you are gone someday these albums, fine art prints, framed images will be passed down as an heirloom to your children? Can you imagine the weight of emotion it will carry for your child to have a beautiful framed photo of you holding them at just one week old? Prints hold a 65% more emotional value then a digital file... that's a fact. 

These are just some reasons why I believe in art, I beleive in the emotional value it holds for you, your children and your grandchildren. 

So please know that the reveal session is not a "sales" meeting, it's a relaxed, fun experience for you to choose a work for art to pass down for generations to come. 


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