Advice from a Newborn Photographer; preparing for your Newborn Session

March 25, 2021

Hi! It’s me Shaina, your top South Jersey/Philadelphia newborn photographer. Here to share all my top tips and tricks for preparing for your baby’s newborn session. I have been a newborn photographer for over 6 years now and through the years I have been able to come up with the best ways for parents to prep them for the perfect session possible! 

newborn photography blog

Number one is to keep your newborn awake for a few hours before arriving to the photography studio. I know this may seem impossible but I promise if you do this you are more likely to get all thoses dreamy sleepy newborn poses of your own baby! Try giving baby a bath and playing with them in there. Or keep baby in a diaper instead of all swaddled where they naturally want to fall asleep.

newborn photography blog

Number 2 is to be prepared to feed your baby just prior to coming or as soon as you arrive. We want your newborn to have a nice full belly so he/she is happy and “milk drunk” This way they will be more willing to let me pose them when all of their needs are met! 

newborn photography blog

Number 3, this one is for you momma! Lets stay away from spicy foods for a few days. Or any foods that may cause the baby to get gas pains. Some top culprits for newborns are broccoli, cheese, milk, peppers. 

newborn photography blog

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