Birth Of Baby Jett

July 24, 2022

Hello everyone! Today is all about my little man, baby Jett! I know some of you were excited to hear all the details so here we go, let me dive into Jett’s birth. As you may or may not know my first-born Leo was late by 9 days (those 9 days felt longer then my entire pregnancy with him! Lol) and I had a gut feeling his baby brother would be taking his sweet time making his arrival earth side too.

Welcoming Baby Jett

6 Days Past Due

So, fast-forward to 6 days past my due date I had already gone through all the tips and tricks (and I mean ALL) trying to induce labor including acupuncture which is what put me into labor with Leo. I was finally hit with some strong contractions lasting a full minute but only coming 15-30 mins apart. This lasted over 24 hours!

A Family Walk

Then On May 23rd we went for a family walk around 5pm. One of those leisurely strolls around the neighborhood looking for the geese down by the bay. As we were walking they finally started to pick up, the walk made all the difference. At this point I was in denial; I still had it in my mind this was early labor, and I wasn’t progressing. So, we got home and I headed for my birthing ball, I spent the next hour on there while Leo had dinner and watched a show. After dinner and Leo’s bath, I followed our normal bedtime routine. Thinking that it still wasn’t time just yet however, my husband was the one who noticed I could no longer walk and talk through contractions.

Ready To head to The Birth Center

My mom later mentioned that she had checked the monitor and was tearing up seeing me trying to put Leo to bed through contractions. Leo was finally settled in bed and I turned to my husband and told him I wanted to take a shower. Rob in return expressed his concern and felt we should head to the birthing center. He was reassured I was okay and I took a nice long shower to make sure they didn’t slow down. I put my praise and worship music on and spent time with the lord and my baby convinced the contractions might slow down. I let the warm water run over my belly as listened to my worship music softly playing in the background. Breathing through each contraction, my body processing what’s about to happen.

Stepping out of the shower I knew that this was no longer early labor. After I was dressed and ready, we grabbed the hospital bag to head out. Rob was already ready and called my cousin to take over at home. I phoned my mom and midwife, and we headed out.

The Tub

Arriving at the birthing center around 9:30pm with my contractions 3 minutes apart. Upon being checked I was already at a 5. I tried the birthing ball and the bed, but neither seemed to be the right place to get comfortable. For me the water was where I knew I’d be most comfortable. The Water was drawn, and I sank down in the tub continuing to breath. I relaxed my body until 2:30 am when the urge to push came over me. They checked again, and finally 9.5 cm dilated. At 3:01 am I was ready to push and 6 minutes later Jett made his appearance earth side! Jett was born at 3:07am on May 24th weighing 8lbs 4 oz. and is the squishiest sweetest little man.

They say you don’t think your heart could love anything more and it’s true, it’s love at first sight.

We are so blessed!

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