Bless You! Signs of a Baby With Allergies

April 15, 2017


One of my favorite things about the spring is being able to go outside, take in the sunlight and breathe in the beautiful smells of freshly-cut grass and flowers. It’s also great for taking beautiful family portraits with ShayLeigh Photography! But not everyone can fully appreciate the change in weather, especially those that suffer from seasonal allergies. If baby has a case of the sniffles, then maybe you should look for these additional telltale signs that allergies may be in the future for your little one.

1. Upper Respiratory Tract

One of the first signs you’ll come across would be a specific type of leaky nose. If baby’s nose is running with a bit of cloudiness in it, then it may just be a cold. But a persistently-running nose that’s a bit more thin and watery may be indicative of some allergies. It’s good to know the difference between the both of them because it will help guide whether or not you should be visiting a doctor over these types of issues.

2. Eyes

Take a look at baby’s eyes and see how they look. Are they red or pink, and crusted shut when they wake up? Your newborn may have conjunctivitis, which may be worth taking them to the doctor. It’s almost certainly allergy-related if their eyes seem frequently itchy, which you can tell if baby seems to be rubbing them more. Another reaction would be if small dark circles appear under their eyes. Either way, their eyes will definitely stand out!


3. Skin

It’s fairly common for newborns to see skin rashes near their diaper areas, especially during the first couple of months. But if rashes are appearing outside of the normally-affected areas, it might be due to an allergic reaction. This can be from exposure to grass, certain types of laundry cleaners, and other physical contact with allergy-heavy properties. Especially keep an eye out for symptoms of eczema!

4. Behavior

If you’re noticing a change in appetite or sleeping patterns during allergy-heavy months (like from March to June and September to November), then they may be dealing with breathing issues caused by allergies. Sometimes this can show in their fussy nature, and may express discomfort. This, along with all of the physical issues caused by allergies, is something to definitely keep an eye on and track throughout the day.

There are plenty of ways to give your baby the care it needs when it’s suffering from allergies! Hydrocortisone creams are available for skin issues, and doctors can help with the rest. How do you help your newborn with allergies? Comment below!

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