Capturing Summer at the Shore

May 1, 2021

Capturing Summer at the shore is a favorite of mine. The gentle breeze of summer and giggles of your little ones make capturing summer sessions fun, warm, and unplanned. And of course my very favorite, stress free and fully taken care of for you!

When we are younger time seems to move slowly. The days seem to drag on as we wish for more freedom, responsibilities, or adulthood. However, as we grow time slips through our fingers and begins to move faster than we can comprehend. I want to capture those moments for you, so they do not slip away. Growing up I was blessed enough to know the sound of the ocean, and the feeling of the early morning sand between my toes. And yes, we capture beautiful moments by simply storing them in our memories. But what if you want more than just images imprinted in your mind. I know I want more.

Unfortunately, with technology today we tend to rely on our phones and tablets to capture special moments. Although its quick and convenient, many of those images sit on your phone forever without another thought.
With time comes this longing for time to slow down some days, I long for those minutes to last a little longer. I want to soak in every moment that motherhood blesses us with. Most of all I want pictures in my home of my little one while his footprints in the sand are still tiny.

I cannot give you a time machine, though I can give you something meaningful that lasts. Pictures made into pieces of art that you can cherish forever. Pieces that hang on the walls of your home, in beautiful wooden frames. Pictures in stunning custom albums that sit on your coffee table that you will flip through on those nights where you wonder how that tiny baby turned into an independent toddler.
Pictures are moments in time that will be frozen forever for you and the future generations to admire. At the beach, in the sand, on the boardwalk. I hope to capture them for you, so I can give you those moments back

Below is a photo of myself and my family. My two boys, my whole world. On our favorite beach in Prime Hook DE, our happy place. Are you vacationing in South Jersey or DE Beach’s this summer? Let’s capture those memories of your family together! I promise it will be so worth it.

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