Capturing The Sibling Bond

September 22, 2021

Capturing the sibling bond is special. I’ve photographed I don’t know how many newborns in this exact spot. The goal, to capture every tiny smirk, little stretch, and big yawn I can. When families choose to use me again for their second child the pictures are even more special. The pictures once done with your oldest are now recreated with your youngest, and yes even I get a little emotional.

capturing the sibling bond

Maybe this is your last baby, and the last time you will be entering my studio for newborn images. I see a lot of bittersweet emotions here at the studio, and as a momma myself I get it. Many moms worry about their older one not cooperating for pictures. However, I am here to tell you to leave your worries at the door. I assure you we will still get those timeless photos even while adding your two or three children together. I have a toddler myself, and capturing the sibling bond is so important.

capturing the sibling bond

I have an assortment of toys, outfits, and baby items to make sure your session is comfortable, and even if you forgot the diaper bag or your child’s favorite toy, I have stocked most of your needs. While we get images of just the baby, your other one will be occupied.

capturing the sibling bond

 If you have kept up with my blogs, you should know I have it all covered. So whatever stress you may have, don’t let it interfere with getting those sibling newborn shots. These are images you will have forever and will be a lifetime conversation piece of when your littles first met. 

capturing the sibling bond

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