Finding the Perfect Big Sibling Gift

May 28, 2017

The greatest gift you can bring into your home is the life and love of a newborn child. Of course, you can tell that to big brother or big sister, but they’ll often prefer a gift that they can play with immediately! That’s why a “big sibling gift” has become more popular throughout the years, by making sure your older children know that they are still loved all the same. Here are some great tips for getting the perfect gift.

1. Snacks

What’s your child’s favorite snack? More importantly, what’s their favorite snack that’s usually only saved for special occasions? This may be a great opportunity to give them a treat that they aren’t allowed to have often, like candy. Or, you can keep it healthy, and pack them up some delicious baked crisps and sugar-free animal crackers!

2. Toys

There’s not a single kid in the world who wouldn’t love another toy to add to the collection, so this is a no-brainer! If there’s a toy that they’ve been absolutely dying to have, let Christmas come a little early this year. Or consider a toy that would be best for helping them get adjusted to the addition to the family by springing for a doll. This could be a great moment to also teach them how to be gentle!

3. Coloring Books

I absolutely loved coloring when I was a kid, so getting a few coloring books would be right up this alley! Check out your local dollar store and see what they have in stock, or look online for the perfect one. Your child may appreciate one that comes with a theme, like superheroes, princesses, or whatever kid’s show is popular these days. Don’t forget the crayons and markers!

4. Combine All Of Them!

You don’t have to restrict yourself to one gift by only picking one of the suggestions above. These gifts are usually on the cheaper side, and can be bought at a bargain at your local dollar store. Put them all in a fun, colorful basket, and you put together the best gift for a kid to enjoy for the next month to come. By keeping them busy with the fun, it lets you focus on caring for your newborn the way you want!

What are some neat, inexpensive gifts you’ve given a child that they absolutely adored? Comment below!



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