The First Trimester Struggle

February 22, 2022

The First Trimester struggle is something many of us moms have experienced. Morning sickness, the exhaustion, the feeling of “this may never end” goes through our minds as we grapple with trying to act normal in front of those who still don’t know our big surprise.

As many of you know I was so sick, well into my second trimester. It’s true when they say every pregnancy is different. This pregnancy is different, and although I am grateful for this new chapter of our lives, it doesn’t make it any easier day to day. Which is something I feel needs to be said more often. No one, no matter who you are enjoys being sick, and when its morning sickness, or all-day sickness it makes you feel like you’re not able to function most days. As some of you know during my first trimester my galleries took a little longer to get out due to me feeling the way I did. As a business owner it made me feel a sense of guilt, and on top of that guilt was the mom guilt that followed me to bed each night.

My Little guy Leo is my world, and pregnancy has forced me to slow down. I Just don’t have the energy some days, and I wonder if I am doing enough, or if he notices that I am not myself. As I move along in my second pregnancy, I have a lot of moms express the same feelings, which I find comforting knowing I am not the only one experiencing these challenges. I guess my hope is that someone reading this finds comfort too.

As hard as this pregnancy’s has been I am thankful for this beautiful gift that the lord has blessed us with.

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