For The Love of Maternity Photos

April 23, 2021

First let me start off by saying I love Maternity Photos. Isn’t it amazing what an expectant mothers body can do. Our bodies are capable of creating and carrying a tiny human for 9 months. Everything we thought we knew about ourselves develops into a new person. We are thrown into this thing called motherhood without an instruction manual. With Pregnancy comes a lot of new insecurities that people might not have had before. Because of this a lot of new moms are hesitant to get maternity photos done. Let me be the one to ease all of those worries.

The Pregnancy Journey Through Maternity Photos

A small portion of the motherhood journey is pregnancy. However small it might be, I promise you will look back and wish you documented this portion to. Your growing bump is a memory that should be captured. Just as important as the ultrasound picture that you likely have posted to your fridge, these photos document the beginning. You are your baby’s first home, and all they know for those 9 months. This is truly something to be PROUD of and remember.

Throw Those Insecurities Out the Window

Lets talk about insecurities. Many moms are concerned how they will appear in images. I am here to remind you to feel beautiful and proud of that bump. I am your personal cheerleader. From the moment you enter the studio I will walk you through my large maternity wardrobe. Together we will successfully choose a dress that you will look and feel beautiful in. Hate doing your own hair and make-up? Not a problem, I have a wonderful hair/makeup artist that can come on site. Feeling better yet mama? My job is to take your stress away so you will enjoy your photoshoot.

Need Something To Wear For Maternity Photos? I Have You Covered!

Another fear I hear frequently has to do with the husband and kids wardrobe. Guess what? I took the liberty of shopping for you. I have a simple wardrobe for dad with neutral colors to make your pictures bright and natural. Next a complete toddler wardrobe equipped for boys and girls. However, Feel free to bring in your own outfits. My goal is to customize the session to you, so that you feel confident about your maternity photos.

Do This For You and Your Little One

To wrap it up, if your not sold already your baby will want to see these one day, This is a documentation of their life. Seeing their beautiful mama and how it all began. In addition to you looking back on your pictures, your children will be able to as well. The love that was captured in those photos will last an eternity. I am so grateful that I decided to capture my pregnancy. I completely understand the insecurities but I promise once you see the images you will be beyond happy that you made the choice to capture this special time.

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