Hush Little Baby: Tips & Tricks to Soothe Your Newborn

October 17, 2016

I know from all of my sessions just how quickly a newborn baby can switch from a sleepy bundle of joy to fussy and teary eyed! If you’re worried that you’ve tried everything to calm baby down, consider trying these tips and tricks that might make all the difference. After all, a happy baby often means a happy momma!

1) Recreate the Feeling of the Womb 


Remember that baby and mommy shared a special bond for those long 9 months, and what baby knows and loves is the feeling of being in a familiar place. By recreating the environment that resembles your womb the most, through things like swaddling and swinging, you’ll bring back a comforting scene that they knew all too well. Cradling baby in your arms also recreates the feeling of being held on the side, which baby absolutely loves!

2) Play Some Music 


Just like all of us, every newborn is different in their musical preferences. Try a few types of tunes out to see if baby is into them, starting with some of the more popular ones like Baby Einstein and audio from shows on the Sprout Network. During sessions I use pandora’s Lullaby station, most newborns love this variety of songs. Hearing the soft, repetitious singing should help bring a sense of comfort. If that doesn’t work, try out other calming genres such as classical and jazz.

3) Keep Baby Warm (Even During Diaper Changes) 


One of the most common reasons baby may be fussing is that they’re in need of a fresh, clean diaper! But we often forget that baby’s skin is very sensitive, and our wet wipes could be a little chilly on the behind. My baby wipe warmer is a life saver during sessions, most of the time baby even stays asleep during the diaper change! If you don’t have a warmer try using a soft paper towel dipped in warm water!

4) A Warm Bath for Two 

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A nice, warm bath drawn for baby can often do the trick, due to it being a familiar environment feeling, but it could also make a difference for momma to join in on the soak! When you relax in the tub of warm water with your newborn, it gives them the feeling of both being held, and surrounded in a comfortable warmth. Plus, when you have the ability to relax, it sends those positive, calming vibes baby needs!

Have some tips of your own that help to soothe the fuss of newborns? Comment them below!

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