Juggling Career and Kids

September 7, 2021

If follow me on Instagram than you already have an idea of some of my days in the life of a photographer. Work is very important to me; this is my business after all. I started it from the ground up and now am an accomplished professional. That’s absolutely something to be proud of; However, today I am here to be that little voice inside of your head reminding you I am right here with you momma.

Whether you are work from home, self-made businesswoman, or working for a company, the balancing of mom life and work is a struggle. Some days I think I have everything figured out and others I am ready for the end of the day to be here shortly after noon. Does this sound familiar momma? I was recently featured in Shore Local in an article about juggling your career and family by Krystle J. Bailey. Which you can read this article here http:www.shorelocalnews.com/career-and-family-a-balancing-act/

My main Takeaway ask for help and have that support system in place so that you can give yourself grace and time to grow. My Instagram feed listed my main takeaways for balancing my career and family which are –

  1. Having that support system in place so I can set aside time for work and time for Leo.
  2. Giving myself grace to know that not everything will go as planned
  3. Setting up activities for the day to keep Leo entertained and switching out toys so he wont be
  4. Having a routine, so that Leo expects the shifts within a day.
    Everyone has a different way they do things and I think its important to learn from each other

Everyone has a different way they do things and I think its important to learn from each other I have spent years perfecting my skills, my client closet, my services, so that I can give you the best possible experience when you walk through my studio door. My passion started as a dream and through determination and Jesus I made my dream a reality. But I also owe a lot of my success to those who stood behind me in the early years and those who continue to support me now especially because now I am a mom to a beautiful boy named Leo.

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