Lets Talk About Wood Blocks

May 29, 2021

Wood Blocks Shapes

Wood Blocks are Different

What’s the big idea behind wood blocks? As a photographer my job is to give you more than pictures. I want to give you memories frozen in time that you can display around your house. I offer many options that are available to discuss when we finally have our meeting during reveal night; however, I would love to spotlight one of my favorites. Let me be the first to tell you why!

Wood Block Prints

Wood blocks are one of my favorite ways to showcase pictures. Its a creative take from other types of picture décor. Wood blocks are versatile and can compliment a table, be propped up, or even hung on your wall. Farther more wood blocks are available in multiple sizes and shapes which makes them perfect for any room in your house.

Wood blocks

Conversation Piece

Canvases are some of peoples most sought after for walls in a home, but woodblocks are something that really capture attention. Overall, they look gorgeous in those farmhouse or modern homes with décor to match. Shapes of wood blocks can come in circles or squares to fit some different styled walls or furniture. Sometimes the smaller features like pictures of tiny hands or feet make perfect keepsakes for the future. More detailed than a handprint and can be a perfect reminder on how small your little one once was.

Newborn Wood Block Print

Moment’s move so quickly, and I want to preserve those tiny details for you. This is why I emphasize the importance of these timeless treasures for your home. How quickly these days will fly by and you will have wished you had captured those details in their faces, hands, and feet. I am here to make sure that’s done in a beautiful way for you. So that every time you walk past one of these pictures, you are brought back to those special moments

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