Maternity Milk Bath Photography Session

August 31, 2016

Each year I find myself checking out new artistic trends, and I’ve found one that I’m in absolute love with – the maternity milk bath session! A milk bath is a regular bath with water, but also includes a fair amount of milk and other assorted ingredients (like rose petals, lavender, etc.) to create a creamy, silky bath setting.


Milk baths have been known to give positive medical benefits, like helping with the removal of dead skin cells due to its acidity. But more importantly, it’s a great way for upcoming mommas (and mommas with newborn babies) to take a uniquely different type of image.


A lot of my expecting mommas would love to do a milk bath session, but don’t think they can because they do not have a soaking tub
in their home. But the great news is that I offer mine at no additional charge to be used for the session! Aren’t the flowers in the below images gorgeous? Thanks to Petal + Paper for the stunning flower crown and matching stems to float in the
bathtub. Also a huge thank you to Marry Me Alma for helping me design this session. If you’re interested in more information, please feel free to contact me today so we can chat!

             14151730_10210645428715603_1792371452_o                   14138766_10210645426395545_3210408853894769092_o                      14102952_10210645429595625_3650912043223127631_o

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