Milkbaths are for Momma

June 24, 2021

Milkbaths are for Momma too. With pregnancy comes a whole set of its own milestones that transition a woman into motherhood. Fast forward to when you’re a momma your baby celebrates tons of milestones too. I am so blessed to be able to capture this journey for you through photos that you will treasure for years to come. As an incentive, I want to be able to offer different options of how to capture your beautiful belly and baby! I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I promise you these moments fly by, and are so important to capture, not just for you but for your children.

Milk bath session

Milk bath session

Nursing Milkbath session

Special Moments

Milk Baths capture that gorgeous, dreamy, special moment with your bump/baby that result in very intimate pictures. Pictures that normal sessions sometimes cannot give you. Picture yourself looking down at your belly. Your incredible body has made life, a life you will love with all of your being. This is the closest your baby will ever be in these small moments. Now picture holding your little one. This maybe one of the last times you are going to nurse them. This is turning a page to a new chapter in your life. As a mother this can be heard on our hearts. Is your mind wandering, wondering of the right way to hold on to these memories? I have been there too momma.

Milkbath session with flowers

I find my Milk Bath Sessions to be intimate and emotional, and that it had to be something that I want to offer you. This is a wonderful way to cherish these moments with your little ones. There is nothing quite like a bond between a mother and her firstborn, or the bond that you have built while nourishing your little one for the past months or years

Milkbaths are for you Momma

I’m with you momma

I know from being a mama myself, every turning the page moment has been bittersweet; However, through photos the process has been easier. With pictures, I can look back on those moments and relive it all over again. It is a reminder of how amazing our bodies are, and how strong we are as mothers. No matter where you are in your journey, I hope to be the one that you will trust capturing these special moments. Nothing is more rewarding, and I am blessed by everyone of you who chooses me to be the one to document this special chapter in your life

Milk baths are for nursing

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