Some Fall-Themed Fun For Your New Family!

November 4, 2016

One of the best parts of this season are taking advantage of the little things, like the crisp, autumn winds, color-changing leaves, and pumpkin flavored… well, everything! This is a season I absolutely love, and I think your new family will love it, too! Here are some fun fall-themed things to do with baby that’ll help make these memories to last a lifetime. But you’ll have to hurry, before the winter cold comes knocking!


1) Have A Fall Family Photoshoot

Of course, my first recommendation will ALWAYS be to have a photoshoot with baby! With the inclusion of popular fall colors like oranges and reds, your family portraits with baby will stand out as a testament to the season. And while their little size only lasts for so long, these photos last a lifetime!


2) Make Delicious Fall Foods

Fall could possibly have the best food pairings out of all four seasons. Look up a few recipes to share with dad, and include a few that you know baby will like! Even though baby won’t be able to contribute, it’ll be a great moment to start bonding in the kitchen! How about some homemade apple sauce, made with fresh picked apples? That’s something that’ll go over well at any age! Speaking of apples…


3) Visit an Apple Orchard

Autumn is a perfect season for picking fruits – the weather is brisk enough to enjoy a day out without being too cold for baby’s face. And apples make for a delicious snack at any time! Take a family trip to a local apple orchard. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to spend the day out, while also supporting small businesses near you.


4) Create Fun Fall Sensory Activities

Babies do a lot of learning from engaging in sensory based activities, so take advantage of the season and create something different! You can take the insides of a pumpkin (seeds and all), place them in a Ziploc bag, and give it to baby to hold and squeeze. Creating these types of textures helps them start learning at a very young age!


What fun fall activities do you have planned? Share them with me below!

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