Taking A Road Trip with Baby!

March 22, 2017

I love going on family road trips! Some of my favorite memories are of me and my husband taking trips around (and outside) the country, so I try to recommend to my newborn photography mommas that they find a fun location to go on as they introduce baby to the world! In order to have the most effective and least teary-eyed road trip, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Car Seat Installation

It goes without saying – your baby’s car seat is key for any trip. The car seat keeps baby safe in the backseat, and provides a sense of comfort while they’re not being held. Make sure that the seat itself is installed correctly. It should be in a backward-facing position, as this is the safest option for any child under the age of two. In the case of any potential accidents, it’s better to be safe by keeping children away from the potential of loose objects.

2) Pack Smartly, Not Heavily

It’s easy to get lost in the fog of war that is known as “packing before a trip,” and you end up cramming all of your stuff into as many travel bags as you can fit. Instead of opting for more, trying thinking about the necessities and develop a list. Now that baby is in the picture, you’ll need the extra room for bringing toys, pre-pumped milk, and strollers. Plus, having less will allow you to bring home more memorabilia from your trip!


3) Time to Feed

Baby gets hungry, and you know there’s no stopping a grumbling belly. Before any trip, try to get your newborn to feed, as this could reduce the amount of tears from the start. And make sure to take as many stops as you need to feed baby during the drive. There are plenty of rest stops that you can plan for and take advantage of just for that occasion. Of course, it’ll also help to keep yourself well-fed, so make the stops for the whole family!

4) Be Ready to Clean

Whether it’s the leftover burger wrappers or baby’s drippy nose, you should be ready for all types of cleaning. Stock up on the baby wet wipes to keep baby’s face bright and shining. Re-use leftover plastic shopping bags as miniature trash bags, the perfect way to keep up on the potential growing pile of trash. And knowing baby’s messy self, it wouldn’t hurt to bring a Tide To Go pen for any chance of stains.

What do you like to do for your road trips? Have any recommendations of where to go on the East Coast? Let me know in your comments!


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