The Second Trimester The Second Time Around

April 6, 2022

The second trimester the second time around is different. As a brand-new mom, the first time around we are so blissfully unaware of the beautiful yet messy and sometimes tough journey we are about to face. However, for those who are becoming first time mommies I want you to know that there are so many  more hours of JOY then defeat. So please don’t focus on the negatives that you may hear from other experienced moms. I promise you though they most likely mean well.  


You Got This

I think the problem we face, is that we as mothers want to share our own experiences to say “Hey! I’m here with you! You GOT this!” Instead, it comes out as “try to sleep while you still can.” Even if that’s not what we mean.  


The Second Time Around

As I am in the third trimester, I anxiously await the arrival of our new little man! The excitement doesn’t cease to exist because this is baby number two, in fact I may be more excited this time around. This time around something even more magical happens, my first born is about to become a big brother!

second trimester

Since finding out we are expecting baby number two there has been so many people share their joy and stories, which has made this new transition into being a mother of two so much easier.  

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