Time Management for New Mommas!

February 16, 2017

I may not be able to speak from my own personal experience, but from my observations, new mommas can see quite the struggle at home. And one of the biggest struggles I’ve seen in my newborn photography shoots is that mom’s and baby’s schedules don’t always line up perfectly. When mom needs a rest, baby wants to eat, and when mom is ready to feed, baby’s tuckered out and sleepy! Here are a few suggestions that could help with time management, so your lives can be as close to in-sync as possible.

1. Keep A Notepad On You

If you have an idea, or if you need a reminder to do something later, make sure you have either a notepad or a smartphone on you to take note of it. Oftentimes it’s easy to forget the least (and the most) important tasks, especially when handling a cranky newborn. When you have a free second, jot it down and save it for later. That way, you can keep a running record of all the things you need to get done by the end of the day!

2. Take It Moment By Moment

Life is just a series of moments, connected by the laughter we share and the tears we shed. Don’t look forward to the next moment – live in the one you’re in and cherish it! Taking advantage of the time you currently have is strangely proactive, especially if you recognize that the current moment is fruitful for getting done the things that need to be done. Whether baby is sleepy or cooing, be aware of what you can do for yourself in that time.


3. Find Your Priorities

There are plenty of things that need to get done, whether at home or with work. Finding your specific priorities will ensure that the necessities are met, as the other tasks can take the backseat. It helps to have a willing hubby at your side to take on those extra responsibilities for you, but you can ask family and friends to lend a hand – that’s why you’ve kept them close!

4. If Able, Do Extra

What does it mean to do “extra”? Whether you’re in the kitchen making meals or taking care of baby’s laundry, it’s always a huge time management help to do just a little extra in that moment. Make some more proteins and veggies that you can save for the next day, to cut down on cooking times, or throw in an extra load of laundry so you’re not washing baby’s clothes on a daily basis. A little “extra” in that moment can go a long way.

What would you say to new mommas on how to manage time? Leave a comment below!


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