When I get asked, “What if my baby won’t sleep during the newborn session?”

February 9, 2021

“What if my baby won’t sleep during the newborn session?”

This is always one of the number one questions I get asked. And if it’s not asked it is usually implied in saying things like, “I hope she cooperates,” “Oh goodness I really don’t know if he’s going to stay asleep,” or “I hope she’s not cranky for you”.

I never really understood it before being a mom. I mean I always reassured my clients that their baby would be totally fine, we would get great shots of him or her no matter what, and not to worry. But in my mind I always wondered, why are they so worried? Babies are always pretty good for me and we always get great shots, even if they don’t sleep the whole time (or even at all.)

But then, I was on the other side… I was the momma and it all changed.

I always recommend coming into the studio before the 2 week mark, it’s the best time for babies as they are still super sleepy and moldable.

After I had my little guy, Leo, he was just over 2 weeks old and my mom said to me “Shaina you need to get Leo up into the studio” and my reply was “Mom he’s never going to let me pose him and do everything I need to, there is no way.

I stopped… I couldn’t believe I had said that. I reassure my clients daily that their baby will be great and we will get perfect images of him or her and here I am saying there is no way my baby is going to do this.

So I gave myself a pep talk, and into the studio we went. Can you guess what happened? Leo did every single pose I tried and I was even able to try out some new buckets and baskets that I wasn’t familiar with- so I had to move him around a little more than usual and he was still a ROCKSTAR.

The moral of the story is: I GET IT NOW.

I totally understand the worry you feel, momma, but I promise in the end we will create the most beautiful images possible of your little one. And I am so honored and excited to do so!

Comment below and let me know of the worries you’re having about your newborn session. Let me ease your mind!

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