Baby Beach Protection: What You Need To Know

June 4, 2018

baby photography beach
School is just about out, the shore is open, and the sweet, sweet smell of boardwalk pizza is once again taking over the east coast. It’s summer time! Summer is my favorite season for ShayLeigh Photography family photography sessions, and like everyone else, I also love a beautiful beach vacation. And baby will likely love it too! But it’s important to always be extra prepared (that’s why I write these blogs!) so take a look at my baby beach protection tips for when you decide to bring baby along for the sunny day!
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1) Apply the Right Sunblock 

This is always rule #1! I know it can be easy to forget the occasional lotion for ourselves but it is an imperative that you remember to apply it to baby. A higher SPF is ideal, but there are ones that are designed specifically for newborns, ones that will make sure that baby stays safe while also not staying pale!

2) Dress Appropriately 

baby photography at beach

Another form of baby beach protection comes in the form of what baby is wearing, which is crucial against the harsh sunlight. It’s not a great idea to keep your newborn’s skin showing throughout the day, but you can dress baby in light flowing clothes. A lighter fabric will be perfect for keeping baby cool under the parasol. It may also help to bring a light blanket in case they start to get cool under the shade.

3) Find a Clean Spot 

If you’re like me, you can’t stand when you come across things like cigarette butts and other trash on the beach. A clean beach is absolutely needed for a safe trip with baby. Because they’re still so young, their antibodies are working to get stronger, and exposure to a dirty beach could be bad for their health! Try to find the cleanest spot so you both can be safe.

4) Watch Those Hands

Finally, we all know the struggles and fears of when baby learns to explore the world by putting things in their mouths! That’s why you have to be extra careful in a place like the beach, where you’re surrounded by sand and seashells. Make sure they don’t get too curious with their hands. Having them in a stroller will help eliminate that as they will be properly lifted away from the dangers.




What are some of your go-to tips for bringing your newborn on your summer vacation? Please let me know!
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