Capturing Milestones (The First Year)

May 17, 2021

Capturing more milestones of my little one in the first year is something I wish I did more of. I know what you’re thinking, “Shaina you’re a photographer!” I am you are right! And somehow its hard getting my own little one in my studio. However, I did make time for it. There is nothing in my opinion that goes faster than the first year. How many nights go by where you stare at your phone of past pictures of that little baby who is growing out of onesies overnight. How many nights do you stare at that sweet little face and ask yourself “when did you get so big?” I know I do it all the time.

It is such a bittersweet feeling watching your little baby grow. Which is even more reason to have those milestones captured. Your newborn grows out of clothes within a month, then you are on to those 0-3 clothes. From the day you bring them home from the hospital they continue to grow and change. That is why I’m here to remind you of the best months to get photos done.

Capturing Milestone – Newborn

Its no secret that the newborn photos are most sought after in the first year of life. As they should be, since your newborn does not stay tiny. I recommend babies be captured within their first two weeks of life in order to get the best pictures. In that first week or two you little one is still so sleepy, he/she doesn’t mind being moved around yet and I can mold them into the cute little poses (usually) without a fuss!

Capturing Milestones – Six months

Six-month photos are so important, baby is now becoming mobile or sitting up right. These sessions can be outside or still in the studio with complete access to my client closet. Your baby is tasting new foods, is very vocal, and has a ton of reasons to giggle. I think my favorite session to date with Leo was around his 6 month mark. So many smiles and their little personalities are beginning to really shine.

Capturing Milestones – 1 year 

One year photos are such a fun session! You can do a cake smash or a milk bath. You can do a theme photos for a birthday invite. Although 1 year old’s are typically on the move, I always capture those sweet smiles and funniest shots at this age!

Want more ideas for one year sessions? Check this blog out here, First Birthday Session Ideas

As your babies get older every year is special, but those memories made in the first year are the smallest your baby will ever be. The photos you choose from these sessions will be lifetime memories of what feels like a small moment in time. This is the time you are the world to your child and having these images of a time they will not remember is so special later. The emotional impact pictures give us resonates with me. Its why I work so hard to make sure your pictures are works of art that you will cherish forever. Interested in a session with your baby? Reach out here!

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