“Hush Little Baby” – Falling Asleep Away from Home

March 31, 2017

In the last blog, I wrote about some tips and tricks I’ve learned from my years of traveling. And with it being March, we’re getting closer and closer to the beautiful weather that demands a trip! I try to recommend to my newborn photography clients that it’s perfectly okay to take baby on a trip (as long as they’ve been given a bit of time to acclimate at their new homes, and for momma to heal appropriately). That being said, it’s not always easy to get baby to fall asleep when they’re away from their new comforts. Here’s some tips to consider if you’re planning an overnight visit.

1) Journal Their Sleep Patterns
This is more of a pre-emptive step to do long before the trip. Try to keep a diary of baby’s sleeping habits, including the times that they fall asleep, what position seems most comfortable for them as they sleep, and if they’re drawn to any specific objects like blankies or pacifiers. Since each baby is different in how they function, this is the most effective way to make sure your newborn is getting exactly what they miss at home.

2) Pack for the Occasion
Whether you’re bunking up with noisy family members or a more quiet, hotel environment, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra supplies to help keep baby sleepy and happy. A white noise machine to help block out the excess (or lack of) noise, and serves as a great sleep aid for both babies and adults. You can also opt for bringing portable suction cup blackout blinds, which you can apply to any glass window to reduce the amount of light that peeks through the curtains.

3) Behave As Normal
Following in the theme of “reminding baby of the comforts of home,” nothing serves as the best reminder as being yourselves! If you set yourself to a nightly routine at home, make sure you go through with the same routine abroad. Seeing these habits will remind baby that everything is fine and perfectly normal. This is especially true if you’re reading a story to them as they start to drift off to Dreamland, which is a great sleepy habit to get into.

4) Plan Snoozing (& Travel) Accordingly
It’s never great to arrive at a destination and immediately trying to get baby to sleep, especially if they’re wide awake. They’re likely taking in their new surroundings, and could use the comfort of a parent’s care. If you’re planning on driving, the road trip may be the perfect solution to rock them to sleep. It’s even more beneficial to get them into a calm slumber right before the end of the drive, as this will give you the extra time to put away your bags and such on arrival. Key note? Manage that time!

How do you normally get your baby to sleep on a trip? Comment below!


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