Four Tips for Making Baby Bath Time Fun – And Effective!

June 20, 2018



Baby bath time can be a great, relaxing escape for us adults, especially you momma’s (which is what I think of when I photograph my ShayLeigh Photography maternity milkbath shoots), but it can be just as fun for babies too! It’s a chance for baby to learn about the beauty of bath time, the relaxation of the warm water, the fun chance to splash and play with toys (in this case usually flowers!) and the fresh feeling of getting clean. Here are some pointers on how you can bring the fun to bath time with baby!



1) Sing a Song

A great way to pass the time while giving a baby bath is by singing a song that you know baby will enjoy. Almost every milestone session I sing “hello everybody” (this is a popular song that is sung in toddler music class’s to get to know friends names) Singing will get their newly developing senses activated, and a soothing song can help keep them relaxed in the water. Plus it’s always fun to sing!


2) Tickles, Tickles & Tickles

Babies always love a good tickle because, just like with their hearing, their sense of touch is also developing. Some light tickles while in the sink or tub will keep them engaged, and maybe even get them to giggle. After all, a baby’s laugh can make even the hardest hearts melt! If your photographing be sure to have a spotter with baby at all times, because tickles can tend to have baby jump a little and its always safety first!

3) Play with Water Toys

Baby may be young, but baby knows the value of a fun toy. And there are plenty of waterproof toys out there for the picking! Ones that move in the water or squirt water are always a hit! Or find a nice soft waterproof toy for baby to hold and play with as they take their bath. You can’t go wrong with the classic rubber ducky, as it’s small enough to hold but safe enough for them to chew on as they start teething. I also know lots of mommas who allow “Sophie” in the bath time! Always be sure to clean those bath toys well, as fun as they are they can tend to attract mold which we certainly don’t want in their little mouths!


4) Bubbles!

One thing that both mamas and babies have in common is the love of bubble baths. Where mamas lean more towards a relaxing bubble bath, babies love to watch and pop the floating bubbles as

they pass by! Use your typical bubble bath into the running water or for more fun use a small bubble wand and blow them towards baby during their baby bath, and watch as they become mystified by the airborne soap. You might even get a few giggles out of them!

Baby will surely love the time spent with mama in the bath! How do you and your newborn enjoy bath time? Let me know!


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